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Big rewards for MiniGP Champions!

16 February 2024

2023 FIM MiniGP World Champions set to receive some awesome prizes

The FIM MiniGP World Series has announced the prizes for its 2023 champions, with both the 160cc and 190cc Champions set to receive a brand-new bike and an exclusive invitation to participate in the 2024 FIM MiniGP World Series Final in the 190cc class.

The 2023 160cc Champion Qabil Irfan, an 11-year old young marvel from Malaysia, and 190cc Champion Alvaro Lucas, a 12-year-old speedster from Spain, both demonstrated exceptional skill at the 2023 final to take home their respective crowns. With some time before age limits allow them to move further up the Road to MotoGP™, both will continue their careers on MiniGP machinery in 2024 – and they’ll have the bike and invite to do so in style.

Each will be presented with a 190cc Ohvale machine, and regardless of where they finish in their respective national Series, both will return to race in the 2024 FIM MiniGP World Series Final in the 190cc class thanks to this exclusive invite.

As Alvaro and Qabil gear up for their next big race, we can’t wait to see what these young champions will do next on the track. Have a look around the site to find out more about MiniGP and get ready for another edition in 2024!

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